Black Soldier Fly larvae

All pets (reptiles, amphibians, fish or birds) deserve high quality food to ensure an ideal and complete diet. With excellent nutritional value, products obtained from Black Soldier Fly larvae can contain up to 43% protein, 30% fat and are an excellent source of calcium and amino acids. Other benefits:

Their nutritional value is excellent

Black Soldier Fly larvae can contain up to 43% protein and 30% fat and are an excellent source of calcium and amino acids. The reason they are packed with so much energy is simple: until they become flies, these larvae eat twice their body weight every day.

Clean food - fast and cheap

Any animal raised for its meat must be a clean source of food, both before and after processing. Taking at look at raising poultry or cattle ….. it means a lot of time, money and great effort used to turn their meat into a clean and edible product. This process is much faster and easier with Black Soldier Fly larvae, because no matter what they eat, their digestive processes kill any bacteria they may encounter in their food.

Above average reproduction rate

A fly can easily lay up to 500 eggs at a time (they only live 6 weeks). Compared to this, a hen usually lays only about 200 eggs a year.

BSFL growth is ethical

Black Soldier Fly larvae prefer a very high density and take up much less space than other animals (a ton of BSFL can grow in a controlled space (light, temperature, humidity) as large as a SMART machine, with a much less impact on the environment. After digestion, only 10% of manure remains, which is then used to feed earthworms.

They do not transmit diseases

Their growth is done in a controlled environment and the digestive system of these larvae kills any pathogen that could reach their menu. In some countries these larvae are used for the recovery of biological waste and to reduce the negative impact on the environment because about 40% of food is returned in the form of garbage / waste.

Less fodder, more meat

BlackSoldier Fly larvae excel at transforming fodder into food. While, to produce 1 kg of beef, 10 kg of fodder is needed, BSFL only needs about 1.5 kg of feed to produce 1 kg of meat!

Natural food for your pet.

They are known as Calciworms or Phoenix Worms and have been described as “superfoods” because they are very rich in protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – these contain:

Iron and Calcium

They contain more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk.


Double protein content compared to beef.

B12 and Omega

They contain more vitamin B12 than seafood and 9 times more Omega than wild salmon.